Requirements For Wall Residents:

  1. New home owners must apply for an occupancy permit and a dye test, the ordinance officer (Building Inspector) will call to set up an appointment for an inspection of the home.

  2. Occupancy permits are required every time a new tenant moves into the rental property. Again, the code enforcement officer will inspect the property.

  3. Landlords must also register the name and address of all new tenants and provide a phone number and a name of a person or persons responsible for their property.

  4. VERY IMPORTANT: All dogs and cats (pets) must have a borough license for the year 2014, the ordinance officer will be enforcing (Ordinance #04-2) in reference to all pets being licensed. This is in addition to the county license. This ordinance also spells out pet owner's responsibilities as far as cleaning up dog or cat defacations throughout the borough. You need documentation of rabies vaccination and a copy of your county license for the current year. The fee is $2.50 per pet per year.

  5. GARBAGE COLLECTIONS: All residents must contact Allied Waste (Republic Services) to set up your account for quarterly payments - [724] 887-9400. Apartments under 4 units must register each tenant for billing purposes. Failure to comply will result in citations in reference to ordinance #92-1. All residents are required to pay for trash pick-up. Failure to comply with ordinance will result in 2 citations, one for non-payment and one for trash on the property. Allied Waste will not pick-up trash on Friday if payment isn't received and the ordinance officer will be checking who's trash wasn't collected. All garbage should be placed in containers with lids and not placed at the curb until sundown on Thursday for Friday pick-up except on a Friday holiday, then the trash pick-up will be a day later (Saturday).

  6. SEWAGE BILLS: To be considered on time, and not subject to any penalties or late fees, sewage payments must be received at the borough office by 4 p.m. on the due date as stated on the bill.

    It is the sole responsibility of the customer to have payment in the borough office by the due date and time. Any payment placed in the mail which does not reach the borough office by the time and date it is due shall be considered late and the account shall be delinquent. Further, any payment delivered to or dropped off at the municipal building after 4 p.m. on the due date shall be considered late and the account shall be delinquent.

    NOTE: Late Notices will NO LONGER BE ISSUED, starting with the bill issued in March 2015, and continuing from thereon.


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